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Jennifer Aniston Nude

Jennifer Aniston Nude

Let's face it. Jennifer Aniston is hot and sexy and seeing her naked is a wet dream. At least this is a dream that can come true since we've found real actual pics of Jennifer Aniston Nude and hotter than ever.

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jennifer aniston

Some guy on Reddit claims to have totaled up the number of sexual partners for the characters on Friends, arriving at a figure of “138-ish.” I have not checked these facts, nor will I but here you go :)

here is the carnal breakdown by individual Friend:

This is the general data:
Confirmed sex (either by strong innuendo or plain admission) = 1. Unconfirmed sex (e.g., ‘I dated a guy…’) = 0,5.

Chandler: 10.5 sex partners
Ross: 14 sex partners
Monica: 14.5 sex partners
Rachel: 15.5 sex partners
Phoebe: 32.5 sex partners
Joey: 51.5 sex partners

If you watched the television sitcom show Friends there is no doubt that the friend you all after was Rachel, played by Jennifer Anniston. She was always wearing something short and sexy or a cropped shirt or something that showed off those great tits of hers. And now that she’s in movies she is even hotter. Did you see her in that movie with Adam Sandler, Just Go With It? She was pretty damn hot in that pink bikini! And although she’s never done nude scenes on the big screen in the past you’ll get to see her in her newest movie, Wanderlust and she actually goes topless! Yay!

But there are plenty of other opportunities for Rachel fans to see Jennifer Anniston completely nude. She’s a little bit of an exhibitionist and the paparazzi have had no trouble catching her naked. I bet she’s a real little minx in the sack, too. Now, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it! I know you’ve been wanking of with visions of Rachel in her cheerleading outfit in your mind! I know damn well that you have thought about giving her a good fucking that she’d never forget. Well, here are some more nude pics to feed your fantasies!

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When Jennifer Aniston started playing the role of Rachel on the hit television series Friends, guys fell in love with her. She was everything they craved in high school. She was the cheerleader, the popular girl, the shopper, the princess. She was always dressed in something sexy – no baggy sweaters for her – and looked like a million dollars.

When the Friends series ended we all wanted more but we didn’t have to wait long as she soon started showing up in movies. There she was again – that princess and cheerleader that we all fantasize about. How many times have you thought about getting her naked? If you weren’t before I’ll bet you were when you saw her in that little pink bikini in the movie Just Go With It. After seeing that, your imagination must have been in overdrive. If you went searching you might not have seen much but they are out there!

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If Jennifer Aniston ever decided to do real hardcore porno and release the pictures and videos, this would be the first place you would find it displayed rather prominently but since she is being such a goody two shoes and sticking to a few risqué pictures in magazines and a topless shot here and there, we decided to just go ahead and create our own fantasy of Aniston getting pounded hard. There are plenty of reasons why you’ll love our fake pictures of Jennifer Aniston nude – for starters they are real nudes and secondly, they are just too hot your dick will shoot up straight in your pants the minute you glance at even just one of the pictures.

Ever wondered what your favorite friend would look like with a cock jammed inside her mouth or in between her ass? We have pictures of that. What about Aniston with cum splashed all over her tits? We have those very graphic cumshot pictures too. And Aniston getting her tight twat busted from every angle possibly known to man? We have definitely covered that too. Our nude pictures cover all the sexual positions and situations you’ve ever wanted to see Aniston in.

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Jennifer Aniston knows how to keep herself relevant in an industry that uses and discards actresses after a certain age. The sexy actress does it by sticking to rom-com movies that made her a household name and keeping the public guessing about her personal life. The public has been obsessed with Aniston’s love life since she unwillingly became a participant in the Brangelina saga that saw her lose her then husband Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie and ever since then, the tabloids have a field day with every man she steps out with. Her latest rumored beau is Justin Theroux who at 39 is three years younger than the actress and an actor who had a recurring role on Six Feet Under.

As usual, Aniston is not commenting on the supposed relationship with Theroux. What the public does know for sure is the new couple met on location in Georgia while filming the comedy Wanderlust. The movie is about a couple who travel south after losing their jobs and end up at a bed and breakfast that happens to be a nudist colony. Wanderlust along with Aniston’s much anticipated topless scene in Horrible Bosses are sure to keep people talking.

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